Proud is an understatement! We are excited to share that Kyle McKearney’s cover project (an impressive 4 x 6 song cover EPS complete with professionally shot & edited videos) has now wrapped! Kyle took it upon himself to cover a body of work that represents the music that he either really likes, or has had some connection with growing up. Here are songs arranged and performed by Kyle & his all-star band. Check out the complete video sets here: Kyle McKearney on Facebook


We’re so happy with how everything turned out and owe it all to these great people:


Russell Broom & Kyle McKearney (Producers)

Russell Broom (Mix & Master)


Dan Owen (OCL Studios)

Gil Hopkins (Annerin Productions)



Sarah McKearney (Harmony & background vocals)

Russell Broom (Guitar)

Lisa Jacobs (Bass guitar & background vocals)

Mitch Jay (Pedal Steel, Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin)

Lyle Molzan (Drums & Percussion)

Reed Shimozawa (Lead guitar & acoustic guitar)

James Jannetty (Organ & keys)

Spencer Cheyne (Sound Engineer)

Chris Doi (Sound Engineer)


Video & Photo

Chris Doi (StayFocusd)

Logo & Album Design

Chris Cavill


Thank you to everyone involved!!